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St. Ronan’s Cider, a family-run venture based in the Yarra Valley, has quickly made a name for itself in the world of cider. Starting as a collaborative effort by Eric Driessen and Troy Jones, the company gained acclaim for its Methode Traditionelle Pear Cider, winning multiple awards, including gold medals at the Australian Cider Awards in 2012 and 2013. Known for using locally sourced fruit and traditional champagne methods, St. Ronan’s offers a unique, high-quality cider experience, now available in draught kegs and bottles and their celebrated flagship variety.

The Journey Begins

A Vision for Quality: From the Yarra Valley to Your Glass

Immersed in the lush landscapes of the Yarra Valley, St. Ronan’s Cider began as a shared dream between Eric Driessen and Troy Jones. What started as a collaborative venture at Badger Creek Blueberry Winery has blossomed into a family-run affair, deeply rooted in the valley’s rich soil. Here, tradition meets innovation to create something extraordinary – ciders celebrated across Australia and beyond. With each sip, you’re not just tasting cider; you’re experiencing a journey from humble beginnings to world-renowned quality.

Award-Winning Excellence

Gold Medals and People’s Choice: Our Ciders’ Journey to Fame

St. Ronan’s Cider’s story is marked by acclaim and achievement. Our Methode Traditionelle Pear Cider, a testament to our dedication to quality, has been a standout performer. It clinched gold medals in the 2012 and 2013 Australian Cider Awards, a prestigious recognition in the cider world. Additionally, winning the People’s Choice Award in 2012 was an honour and a confirmation of our cider’s exceptional taste and appeal to cider enthusiasts. These accolades are more than awards; they reflect the passion and craft that go into every bottle of St. Ronan’s Cider.

From the word go, I wanted this cider. There was just something about it. Maybe it was the cool label, its Yarra Valley roots or its Methode Traditionelle style. I wasn’t sure, but I had to have it – like Torvill had Dean, Hall and Oats or Ren had Stimpy (you catch my drift).

Welcoming and helpful open door. Cider is quality and will refresh and revive. Lots of other goodies for sale as well as some delicious snacks if you can stay longer.

We popped in after the Sanctuary. Lovely cider, some of the best I’ve had, not too sweet, not too carbonated, just right on a 40º day! The staff were excellent too. Will be back, won’t be driving 😉

A Family Endeavour

Cider and Blueberries

The journey of St. Ronan’s Cider, initiated by Eric Driessen and Troy Jones, has gracefully evolved into a family affair, now part of the broader offerings at Badger Creek Blueberry Winery. The Driessen family upholds cider-making traditions while infusing their unique touch, harmonising the art of winemaking and cider production. This blend of old and new ensures that St. Ronan’s Cider remains a staple of quality and craftsmanship in the Yarra Valley.

Craftsmanship & Tradition

Methode Traditionelle: The Essence of Our Craft

St. Ronan’s takes pride in its flagship product, the Methode Traditionelle cider, crafted with the same meticulous approach as Champagne. This method, renowned for producing drinks of exceptional quality, is at the heart of our cider-making process. It’s a choice driven by our passion for creating a cider that stands out in both taste and style. This commitment to traditional techniques and quality ingredients results in a cider that’s not just enjoyable but also a reflection of our dedication to excellence.

Best Selling Products

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